Now that you’ve created an improvement plan, it’s time to implement it with your staff. The information in this section provides information on trainings to enhance your staff practice. It also provides insight to help you track your plan and celebrate wins.

Pulse Checks

This guide explains how to collect real-time feedback about your Club Experience. It shows you how to conduct quick, easy and inexpensive pulse checks.

We suggest using polls to gather feedback from youth. A poll is a great way to immediately and anonymously learn specific aspects of your members’ Club Experience. Exit polls ask a single “Question of the Day,” which members can answer as they transition out of an area or exit the Club. Interactive polls allow you to ask questions via smartphones or tablets, then discuss results.


Pulse Check Guide


Youth Development Trainings

Youth Development Institute is an interactive, hands-on training event designed to provide youth development professionals with practical skills to improve the quality of their interactions with youth. This training is designed to empower direct-service staff with tools to increase the quality of their work with youth. Participants will:

  • Incorporate Youth Work Methods, which align to the Youth Program Quality Assessment
  • Increase youth engagement
  • Create a positive Club community
  • Create programs & experiences that encourage youth voice
  • Gain valuable skills for implementing high-quality Club Experiences

The Youth development Institute 2019 Calendar provides information on where these sessions will be held.


Youth Development Institute 2019 Calendar


Spillet Leadership University

Spillett Leadership University (SLU) provides meaningful, continuous learning opportunities for Boys & Girls Club professionals. Learning opportunities within Spillett Leadership University are organized into five schools; however, this portion of the toolkit will focus on:

  • School of Youth Development
  • School of Management

Consider your improvement plan goals and use SLU to identify appropriate trainings and workshops that will enhance skills necessary for you and your team to achieve those goals.

Youth Work Methods Trainings are available on SLU. Each training is aligned to specific scales and domains on the YPQA. Below is a description of each training and the scales and domains they support.


Distance Learning Training Descriptions


Plan Professional Development Training

Now that you have completed the IMPROVE phase, it’s time to move to REFLECT.